Boris is een verrijking van ons leven!

Gepubliceerd op 13 juni 2020 om 00:00

My partner and I were looking to adopt a dog for a while. We took our time as we wanted to make sure that we find the right NGO which we can fully trust and, of course, the right dog. When we saw Filos on Puppyplaats, we had a great feeling straight away. The way the puppies were described showed the incredible levels of care and professionalism this NGO offers. We talked first to Pauline who interviewed us thoroughly. This confirmed again my first impression. Filos wants to make sure that all puppies find the right homes and adopters understand the responsibilities that come with adopting a dog. We decided to adopt Spot, an adorable little puppy. Pauline put us in touch with Selly, who cares for the dogs in Greece. Selly has a heart of gold. You can tell immediately that her job is a calling, not just a profession. She loves the puppies unconditionally and they adore her. Her daily updates, pictures and videos of Spot quickly became our highlights and we spent evenings talking about future adventures.

Unfortunately, things don’t always work out the way you plan. Spot had an underlying condition and sadly died after some weeks. We were heartbroken but our pain was nothing compared to Selly’s. Her grief and care once again showed me how loved the pups grow up in Greece. We were sure that once the time would come and we were ready to look again into adopting, Selly would pick us the perfect match. She was incredibly helpful and understanding, and kept us in the picture always. After some time I went through some of Filos’ pictures. I saw a dog I liked and wrote Selly, just curious to hear her opinion. She immediately told me that she doesn’t picture this dog in our lives but that she had another dog for us - Boris/Coby. From the minute we heard Selly speaking about him, we were sure we found our future companion. He seemed clever and calm and his little triangle ears and sweet eyes pushed us over the edge. We agreed to adopt him that night. Coby was supposed to arrive in April but once again life had other plans. Due to COVID-19, air traffic from Greece was limited and the puppies could not come to the Netherlands. Selly and her team worked tirelessly to find a solution. She kept the adopters updated at all time whilst working non-stop. And of course, Filos didn’t let anyone down. A transporter was organised to bring the puppies to their new homes. When the day had finally arrived, I hardly ate as I was so nervous to meet Coby at last. I remember so clearly his face when he was carried out of the transporter and into my arms. He was exactly like we pictured him, maybe even a bit cuter. Within days Coby started to trust us and now, after a month it feels like he’s always been a part of our lives. We couldn’t be more impressed with his progress, he clearly is very intelligent and learns anything very quickly. However, the biggest part of this success is thanks to Selly. The puppies grow up in wonderful surroundings, a huge garden next to a beautiful forrest where they are taken for walks daily. They spend time with cats, chicken, geese and other animals which helps immensely when they arrive at their new homes. And most importantly, Selly loves them with all her heart. These puppies enjoy the best upbringing before finding their forever home and I could not recommend Filos more. If you look to find a perfect companion and want to do something good by adopting rather than shopping, you are definitely in the right place.


Thank you Selly and everyone from Filos for bringing this bundle of joy in our lives - we owe you a lot! Maria and Family


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